Understanding Aftercare

Aftercare is the process of caring for your new tattoo or piercing after you get it. This process is important for the proper healing of your new body modification. Aftercare is especially important in the following areas: Elbows, hands, fingers, feet, ankle, knees and areas where waistbands and bra straps contact the tattoo.

Aftercare Instruction For Your New Tattoo

  • Remove Bandage 1-4 hrs after the tattoo and wash with antibacterial soap. Pat dry (DO NOT RUB) with a clean paper towel. Do not rebandage. DO NOT APPLY AFTERCARE SAME DAY.
  • Wash your hands before caring for your tattoo. DO NOT use anything abrasive (loofah, sponge, dry brushing, sugar/salt scrubs) on your new tattoo for a minimum 14 days or until flaking has stopped.
  • Wash 2x per day for the first 7-10 days and apply a thin layer of aftercare ointment
    (Hustle Butter). A little goes a long way, applying too much aftercare will promote scabbing, which will cause your new ink to come out. DO NOT USE AQUAPHOR OR ANY PETROLEUM BASED PRODUCT
  • DO NOT pick or scratch your tattoo. This will cause ink to come out of the tattoo due to scabbing. Should this occur please contact the shop with-in the first 2 months in order to receive a free touch-up of these areas.
  • Itching can be relieved by tapping or slapping the area lightly.
  • For The first month, AVOID exposure to the sun, swimming, hot tubs, or long soaks in water, tanning beds, tanning oils & sand.
  • Keep the tattoo covered with clean, loose clothing, tight clothing will irritate and cause unwanted friction on the inked area.
  • Tattoos can look dull until fully healed (Approximately 4-8 weeks).

Tips & Additional Info

  • Your new tattoo will seep plasma and ink, this is normal the first 24/48 hrs. This could cause your clothes or sheets to be stained.
  • Sometimes you may have swelling around the tattoo, you may use an ice pack for this wrapped in a clean paper towel or cloth.

If Your Tattoo Gets Infected, Please See Your Primary Care Physician. Contact Us If You Have Any Questions Or Concerns.